#GIRLBOSS Inspiration

It's been a long time, huh? Well, I was so busy with my business and my college life, you know, production, marketing, last exam, presentations, and some papers make me stressed out. But now I can get some rest from my college life because it's already long holiday, 3 months that's so enough for me. 
Anyway, couple days ago, I watched all episodes of "Girlboss" on netflix, and damn! that's really great. This is story from the founder of NastyGal, and yup Sophia Amoruso. You know, I prefer watch this one than "13 reasons why", although both of them are good but I think this movie give me more inspirations not only for being an entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, but also an independent and confident woman. For all girls in this world, you should try this one.
But now, I don't want to share about what I can learn from this movie, cause you can search it on Youtube, so many videos there and they talk about that one. Lol. So.. I want to recreate outfit that I love the most and show you fashion inspirations from this movie.

Jacket (Gucci), Bag (Coach), Pants (Gucci), Boots (Jefrey Campbell), Rings (Rosegal.com)

girlboss 2
Bomber (Gucci), Band Tees (Boohoo.com), Jeans (Stella McCartney),  Heels (Boohoo.com), Bucket Bag (Forzieri.com),  Necklace (Target.com)