Find Your Trully Style

Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person. - Oscar de la Renta
I found a good words from Oscar de la Renta, "Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person". As we know, style always represent how the person is. That's mean that noone have same style because everybody is different. Even we see it likes no differences but the fact is, nope! Everyone have their own flaws, don't copy it, just make your own. So, how to start find our trully style? Are you sporty, minimal, bohemian, vintage, grunge, feminine, or anything else? Just find out yours!

  • Try from the basic one
♕pinterest/amymckeown5Pinterest: Ana Paula Manzo
Why I should say this? To define our style this is the first thing to do. Try to wear the basic from head to toe, and it's should be with base or neutral colors in a week or two weeks. Let our head to think and be creative. We'll see what style that we always think all the time.
  • See your own closet
The View From 5 Ft. 2 | Closet Change Up |
Now, check your own closet and search what's fashion item that you never wear or just seldom. It means that's not your style, so don't stick with it again. Because it's just improvidence, right? The next thing we should remember that quality is better than quantity, stop buying fast trend fashion item it can messing our consistent style.
  • Seek the fashion influencer you love
Olivia PalermopopsisterINSTAGRAM: @howimetmystyle // BLOG: ❤
Find your fashion idols, but not for copy it. They can make us get more inspired and more references. As I told you before, we have different personality so we can't be one of them, so they too.

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