Everyone have their own insecurities, with their life or appearance, education, family, or perhaps their self. But the difference is how to deal with it. How that person reacts to their own insecurities. We can beat 'em up or we can let it flow so have more and more insecurities. I have insecurities too for many years but I just let it flow and everyday I feel like in hell. Seriously.. But recently I started to beat it. I watched so many videos in youtube for this, search a lot of tips how to beat the insecurities on pinterest, and read a book about positive thinking theraphy. And my life is getting better now. So I will share the tips that work for me based on my experienced. Here we go..

  • Practice gratitude everyday
It looks like easy to say but hard to do. Everytime I feel thankful for every single thing, it feels like I have power to face everything. I always look everything in a positive way. Practice gratitude will build a positive mindset too. And it's totally make us relief.

  • Write a journal
I started to write a journal 4 months ago. I didn't write it everyday, but when I'm on my lowest point, I think too hard or stressed out, I write on my journal. I also put some photos of my main support system there. So I always remember that I'm not alone. I have a different style to write that journal. My journal is like a letter for myself on the past and the writer (me) is from the future. It's very effective on me, if you know about 'law of attraction', it related to this (next, I will tell you about law of attraction).

  • Stop comparing
Love every single thing that you have in your life is really effective. Remember, nobody is perfect. But we can make the imperfection as our strength. Please stop comparing yourself with another because it never end. We never know a thing that we complain about our self/life is something that everyone want in their life. So, stop comparing. It's just an unhealthy habit.
  • Watch motivational videos/ read motivational book
These really help me a lot.. It's better to spend a lot of time to watch or read something that motivational or inspiring us than scroll down on social media to see another people's life then, we start comparing our self again and get jealous. 

  • Surround yourself with positive people
Negative people just a toxic for us. Hangout with positive people and start talking a good thing will make us have a positive mindset too. They don't let your insecurities let you down. They will help you to forget it.

Pictures source : pinterest